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Today’s businesses need similar or better technologies in place than their competitors to not only compete but succeed. All Business Technologies has IT services and solutions in place that will help take your business to the next level. If you are a business that that is in need of an enterprise level IT department but not ready to employ a full time staff, chances are we can help. Our Managed IT Services are geared to give your business enterprise level type support at a small to medium business price. The best way we can describe this service is that it is like buying a time share of an enterprise level IT department. As your trusted technology adviser we will oversee your business entire technological needs. We will provide the regular management of your systems and networks to ensure your business stays up, running, and profitable. We will put together the best IT solutions for your business.

Why Hire All Business Technologies as your IT Partner?

10 Benefits of Managed IT Services

Outsourcing your IT department will free you and your staff up to be able to focus on revenue generating opportunities you would otherwise miss. You staff was hired to produce and make your business money, not handle IT related matters they know very little about. Their best use for your organization as well as yours is to focus on what you guys do best. Our eBook below evaluates the differences between the traditional reactive IT support practices and modern managed IT support practices. We will go over both the pros and the cons of both types of services in regard to the small to medium business demographic.

Our book will be an introduction to Managed IT Services and was written to be geared toward the business owner or decision maker for a business that does not have any onsite IT support staff.

Business Growth

Server and Computer Management


All Business Technologies offers server and desktop management as part of its Managed IT Services offering. We will proactively monitor your devices for issues and often perform remediation on them before you even know there is an issue. We will proactively perform all Windows and Software updates to keep you devices secure. Your data will also be backed up nightly to make sure we can recover in the event of a failure. Every aspect of your businesses network will be covered.



IT Support and Critical Response Times


Even the most stable of networks can have problems from time to time. All Business Technologies understands downtime is a profit killer to businesses. Our dedicated help desk can often remotely connect to your PC within minutes to try to resolve the issue. On rare occasion remote support is not enough and we will have to dispatch a technician to your location. All Business technologies has Managed IT Services plans that can include critical response times where a technician will be onsite within 2 hours of remote diagnosis with coverage possibilities of 7 days a weak, 24 hour a day, 365 days a year.

Network Operations Center


All Business Technologies Network Operations Center monitors your devices for early warnings of potential threats to your business network. With our NOC we are able to monitor you entire network and receive alerts from computers, servers, routers, switches, firewalls and applications if a problem gets detected. With our NOC software we are also able to automate much of your needed IT tasks such as patch management off hours to keep you up and productive during business hours.

Server Backups and Disaster Recovery


Disaster can strike any business without warning. Having a solid backup and disaster recovery plan is vital to any businesses long term success. At All business Technologies we use both on premises backups and well as cloud based backups so your data is always redundantly protected. We can also test data integrity by exercising our disaster recover plan. Our backup software can also restore to dissimilar hard ware in the event your servers hardware is physically broke.

Client Portal


Our client portal gives you the ability to manage your businesses IT all from one central location. You will be able to schedule visits, submit and then track help tickets. You will be able to see your scheduled maintenance, network documentation, service reports, and proposals. You can also use it to view your technological financial data as past and current invoices are stored along with payment histories.

Virtual CIO


Your dedicated Virtual CIO will help your organization through strategic planning that will build out a long term IT plan that will save your business money. We will also manage all your vendor relationships giving you no more wasted time dealing with 3rd party support. We will also provide you with monthly or quarterly meetings upon request to go over budget creation, management, and review.

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