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Brockton VoIP Communications Built For Business

Voice over Internet Protocol is easy to use, cost-effective, and flexible

Having a capable phone system is essential for a growing business. Fully-featured Brockton VoIP solutions from All Business Technologies can offer your business major cost-benefits since it utilizes your Internet connection for all of your organization’s communication needs. One of the more obvious advantages that our VoIP system can offer a business like yours is the incomparable savings you’ll see. In fact, you can see a cost reduction of up to 70% off your current phone bill. In this way, our solution pays for itself.

VoIP Eliminates Communication Barriers

VoIP eliminates the communication limitations of money and geography

Traditional land-line phone systems can limit communication, and even limit your company’s growth. For example, if you need to expand your workforce and add more workstations to your fleet, then you will have to have technicians spend extra time running new land-lines to each workstation. Voice over IP uses your LAN to transmit data. These are the same lines that run the Internet, which means that you won’t have to run any extra lines.

VoIP is not limited to your local Internet connection, and you can even go wireless and take advantage of your network’s Wi-Fi capabilities! The beauty is that you can plug in your IP-enabled phone to an Internet connection from anywhere in the world and use your phone number. You can also receive calls to your VoIP number from anywhere. This is an excellent way to stay connected with your office and your customers while you’re away at a sales conference or working remotely, which saves everyone the frustration of playing phone tag.

Cloud VOIP Business Phone Systems

Cloud Business Phone Systems Features

A cloud based business phone system will give your business a professional boost. Enjoy a suite of Hosted VOIP features including unlimited voicemail boxes, auto attendants, and local and long distance calling.

Call Routing

Full control of your call routing will allow you to update your cloud-based phone system in real-time from any Internet-enabled device using the online portal. The visual dial plan editor is a life-altering way to set up your cloud business phone system.

Custom Schedules

Custom schedules and routing can be made in advance complete with a custom dial plan and then automatically activated upon your departure. Customized greetings can also be included with any custom schedule.

Find Me/Follow Me

The Find Me/Follow Me option allows users to route incoming calls to multiple devices in a specified sequence, enabling each user to create a unique call flow for their extension. This allows you the freedom to conduct business wherever you go.

Secure Calling

The secure calling feature extends existing security measures throughout the platform. Encrypted secure calling is available between the platform and other security enabled devices. Secure you business communications with a cloud based phone system.

All The Phone System Features You Need For Your Business To Succeed

The Cloud Business VOIP Phone system offers over 80 VOIP and Unified Communications features that help your business communicate better all for one all inclusive price enjoy features below such as:

Let Us Give You A Free VoIP Consultation in Brockton

Our offering is designed to be flexible and allows you to do more for less. If you add up your twelve favorite call features using a traditional phone plan, you might pay twice as much with all these features enacted. With our solution, you’ll get a fully-featured communications system and still save money Click the button below to fill out our free VoIP consultation form to find out how All Business Technologies VoIP solutions can save your organization money and improve communications across the board.
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